The Dunes collection combines vertical and horizontal rows of short and long pile. The handmade wool rug is machine washable, suitable for small children and pets. The Dunes collection will add coziness to your living room, bedroom or children’s room.

  • Can be washed at home: easy to wash in a regular washing machine.
  • Handwork: handmade, each carpet is unique.
  • Environmental friendliness: natural cotton and non-toxic dyes.
  • Lightweight: thanks to its soft and flexible composition.
  • Easy to combine: you can combine this item with other decor elements to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Washing instructions: For this size we recommend a minimum capacity of 13kg. Wash separately at 30º, using a gentle cycle and a short program (maximum 30 min). Use a neutral detergent. Make sure you use a low spin cycle if your carpet has braids or fringes. Do not bleach. Avoid using fabric softener. Do not leave a wet mat in the washing machine as the colors may fade. Dry in the washing machine at a low temperature. Do not dry clean.

Lorena Canals was founded in 1990!
Engaged in the design and production of stylish and practical carpets and textile accessories.
Made from 100% cotton, all garments are machine washable to meet the demands of today’s lifestyle.
It all started when the founder asked herself: why can’t we wash children’s rugs at home? With no suitable solution on the market, she decided to make her own.
Today, Lorena Canals has become the starting point for home decorating for both kids and adults!
With two own factories in India, offices in Barcelona and New York and warehouses in Europe, Asia and the USA, the designer works side by side with more than 170 craftsmen who take care of every detail in the handmade process.
The brand prides itself on quality in all aspects of production, from the finest raw materials to socially responsible labor practices.
The rugs and accessories are available in a great range of collections, colors and sizes to complement any interior!