Today, a ribbstol is as much an essential attribute of a child’s room as a bed, table, and chest of drawers. After all, many parents want to instill a love of sports in their children from childhood, but in the modern world, there is not always time to take the child to any additional classes. Pediatricians recommend supporting a child’s interest in sports in every way possible, especially if the child is restless.

In general, in Sweden itself, such a wall is called ribbstol, which means “frame with crossbars”, and was developed by a Swedish doctor based on the physical culture of ancient and medieval China.

Many additional sports equipment can be hung on the gymnastic wall: horizontal bars, parallel bars, and a bench for the press. For children, it can be a rope, rope ladder, swing, rings, and trapeze.

What are the benefits of the wall bars?

The Ribbstol is both a children’s and an adult exercise machine, so it will be universal for both children and parents. If we talk about the main advantages of this sports equipment, the following points should be noted:

  • Improves coordination of movements
  • Strengthens the muscle corset of the whole body
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Prevents the development of scoliosis and flat feet
  • Develops endurance and flexibility

The main requirement when choosing a wall bars is quality materials. Ribbstol are made of either natural wood or metal using a safe polymer powder coating that is allowed for use indoors.

In addition to all the above advantages, the wall is also a great play area, which is not only good entertainment, but also helps to relieve the nervous system.

Today there are many variations of wall bars on the market, it can be a standard wall with crossbars, or it can be a whole corner with rings, hanging ladders and a combination with a climbing wall. A child will spend more time on such a physical fitness device if it is complemented by bright colors or favorite characters, and will be able to expand their imagination by presenting new and new game scenarios on such a wall.