For a designer, designing a child’s bedroom is one of the best parts of the process. It is the perfect place to explore all the imaginable ideas. There is never too much going on in a child’s bedroom. A beautifully decorated children’s bedroom often makes an adult want to be a child again.

Now we will look at 5 ideas that will make your baby’s room incredible.

1. Keep the room spacious. It is very important that your child’s room is spacious and free, because children make a huge mess while playing. If the room is designed for no more than one person, we suggest making a play space on the second tier of the bed, so the child will have his own secret headquarters for games. If you have two children, the same idea can be implemented immediately above two beds, and none of the children will wait for one to warm up enough.

2. Adding character to the walls.

Plain white walls can look very gloomy for a children’s room. You can improve the situation by using tropical wallpapers or ones that glow in the dark. Or you can get a wallpaper with your child’s favorite cartoon characters. You can make a wall on which you can draw with chalk. Or a wall for Lego lovers, on which they can build a structure from Lego all day and not get bored. This increases the child’s creativity and desire to explore

3. What children don’t like most is – to study.

Parents often notice that children do not like to study at the designated study table, but study all over the house, on the bed, on the floor, on the dining table, through other than the study area. This may be the result of a very boring-looking workplace arrangement. By adding interesting shelves, a bit of color, and different shapes and forms to the study table, you can really get the kid interested in learning at the table.

4. Play of colors.

Colors affect our emotions, and research clearly demonstrates the benefits of colors for brain development, creativity, productivity and learning. In addition, the colors also complement the atmosphere of the room. Making it cold or warm, big or small. It is very important to add colors to the children’s room, since this is the room where they spend most of their time. You can add color to a wall the traditional way by painting the entire wall one color, or you can play around with patterns and shapes on the wall.

5. Creation of creative corners.

Children need space to think, play or read without any obstacles. If space allows, you can create interesting corners for reading, place a wigwam or arrange another place for rest where children can do their own business. It can be a bright accent in the room or match the main theme of the room. The probability that the child will fall in love with his room and will not want to leave it voluntarily is very high.

If you have a hard time making a choice, or you don’t know where to start arranging a children’s room, contact us to get a design created individually for your children.