Kyiv, Ukraine 🇺🇦
Implementation date February 2022
About the project:

Implementation cost EUR 10 100
S – 13.7 sq.m.

They often ask to show children’s clothes for boys, because for girls everything is clear – pink, lace and other unicorns. But with boys, everything is more complicated!

It is necessary to preserve the “childhood” of the interior and not to go for blue and ships/planes To be stylish! And before you is a great example. A perfect combination of bright beautiful colors, stylish laconic furniture and thoughtful planning.

What about furniture: The workplace near the window is the best solution, thanks to which it turned out bright and there was a place for shelves for books/notebooks, and an incredible bed was installed along the wall. On the contrary, they placed a TV. They did not clutter the room with a lot of furniture, as the customer’s wishes were to leave more space for games

I want the same one